So, because I can't follow directions I have 8 photos, I wanted to wait to get my disposable camera developed, but then it'd get outrageous. PS. This was a weird year. (Listed Chronologically)
  1. Starting off with New Years 2k15. This was fun and I loved my outfit, our faces, and the drink in Emily's hand.
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  2. At ExhibitBe.
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    I love this quote it's powerful. I love that I'm not the center of this photo. I love that I feel like my insides are reflected on outsides here (I want to always reflect the insides out like this, not like vomit or diarrhea)
  3. In LA!
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    This was a really nice dinner. Not just in the sense that the food was good, but the atmosphere between my aunt, our family friend, and me was the kind that soothes a confused spirit. I don't think LA made the best impression on me, but this dinner made me get why people head West.
  4. Graduation!
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    I'm happy to have this moment of me celebrating an accomplishment. This photo is how I want to take every goal reached.
  5. Miami!
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    This photo rocks because: 1. This museum was cool and it made modern art seem less far reaching. 2. I look cool af. 3. That is my favorite dress that should be a shirt. 4. Grandma took it as she stalked me through the museum. I really appreciated this because even though I know it wasn't her style she really enjoyed doing this and learning things with me.
  6. White coat!!
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    Even as I struggle not to lose it now this picture is amazing because it reminds me that as I become a doctor I'm always going to be me inside. (a hood bitch on some bougie shit à la Travis Porter)
  7. WORLD TOUR 2k15
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    Because this adventuresome night and every other day and night with you and our entire extended band of merry idiots is a major reason I remain partially sane and fully committable, and I really can't say or type enough about how much that has and continues to shape me. #SearcyImComing #SeeYouOnTheCourtBitch
  8. Homecoming 2k15
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    There're so many things I love in this picture. And I look damn good next to two living legends.