This task is deceptively hard because I have to decide on the scenes for my lifedoc to pick songs or pick songs I love and design a scene.
  1. Love Come Down- Evelyn Champagne King
    To be played as a smooth silky montage over scenes of me going on dates where we seem to click and then I go home and never speak to them again. The culmination would be a scene of several men borderline stalking me as I go on a day of errands.
  2. When We were Young - Adele
    As I struggle through my inevitable quarter life crisis. This song comes to head as I'm jogging along a body of water and Adele poignantly sings, "I'm so mad I'm getting old. It makes me reckless," as my dog pisses on my pretentious Nike's.
  3. Fucking Young/Perfect - Tyler, the Creator.
    To be played as I interview for residency and am ultimately stifled by my immaturity only to overcome people's ideas because I'm a bad ass.
  4. Now You Know - Pell
    To be played when I confess being in love with someone I can't have.
  5. Stronger Than Me (Later with Jools Holland) - Amy Winehouse.
    Plays in the OR when I'm struggling with my Attending in some way.
  6. Zion - Lauryn Hill
    If I ever have a baby
  7. High Living- Toro y Moi
    To be played over any dreamy sequence of a good night out.