Halloween Dinner

Last night my friends and I had a Halloween dinner. Here's everything we made...
  1. We started off with a cheese ball shaped like a pumpkin!
    Tim made this cheese ball, inspired by a spicy pumpkin cheese ball @rachaelray recipe.
  2. Next we had a fun fall salad!
    Amy made this salad. It was full of arugula, radicchio and apples but obvious highlight was the Parmesan crisps!
  3. And then some squash ravioli!
    I made the ravioli. It was stuffed with butternut squash, sausage and pecorino and then sautéed in brown butter. I tossed in some more cheese, parsley, hazelnuts and then topped it off with Brussels sprout leaves and pumpernickel breadcrumbs.
  4. For dessert, cookies!
    Desi made these cookies inspired by a Nigella recipe. Oatmeal cookies with Reese Pieces and pecans!
  5. And finally...
    This trick or treater showed up. Hey Maple!