Some moms are embarrassing. All moms love Blake Shelton. My mom is both.
  1. Hi @john is that you?? I love your songs and you seem really nice. Do you know Blake Shelton? 😀
  2. @bjnovak can you get Blake Shelton on here? LOL. 😎
  3. How do I google on @list? I want to see when Blake Sheltons bday is... 🍰
  4. Hi @mindy. You're so cute. Have you gone in any dates with Blake Shelton? 👫
  5. Hi @rachaelray Does cilantro go good on meatloaf? Also, how long do I cook a meatloaf? Do you know Blake Shelton?
  6. Hi @andycohen. Can you make a housewives with nice ladies who don't fight? Like with Blake Shelton?