Wanna Make Fresh Tomato Sauce?

I went to the farmers market this morning and picked up a few things to make a fresh tomato sauce. Here's what you do: Heat up some oil in a pot. Add onion and garlic and sauté. Add in something spicy. Next add the in tomatoes and season with salt and pepper. Let it cook a while. Add in something's fun and then toss in some cooked pasta!
  1. A few ripe tomatoes
    You can also use over ripe tomatoes. Instead of chopping them. I grate them on a cheese grater or you could put them through a food mill. You could blanch/peel them if you wanted to but I don't feel like today...
  2. An onion
    A small one will work fine. Give it a rough chop and toss it in the pot.
  3. A little garlic
    Just a clove or two- you can through them in whole of you don't like to chop it.
  4. Something spicy
    This is a red jalapeno but you could use anything, like red pepper flakes, or nothing at all.
  5. Something fun
    I'm going to add zucchini because I like the texture. I'll give it a dice and place it in the pot before its served. You don't want to over cook it.