Oh snap, we're flipping the script on this narrative.
  1. Extroverts aren't necessarily party animals
    I love a good party, but the thrill of a party isn't so much the party itself but the people who are there. We get energy out of social interaction and talking to people. That could be a party, an intimate gathering of friends, or just watching TV with a loved one. All social interaction, all appealing to extroverts
  2. We care a lot about what you think of us
    So, I hate this meme. As a long winded person who banks on my ability to speak, I say that I talk a lot to ensure people understand me and that I understand people. A lot of us are talkers because a lot of us are thinkers and worry about how you might perceive us if we're not clear about who we are/who you are. We're question askers, information collectors, and story tellers. Please tell us if we're being annoying and we'll adapt to you.
  3. Extroverts can struggle with socializing
    For example, I have a hard time with reunions because it entails repeating information and seeing people who pretend to care about what I'm doing. Others have a hard time starting conversation or just talking in general. Ferb from Phineas and Ferb is a good example of this. Kid barely ever talks, but is always 100% down for anything his brother and friends want to do. He gets energy from social events without having to be loud or chatty.
  4. We love introverts!
    In every sense of the word! Introverts can awaken our creative energy! Introverts keep us grounded and level headed! And more often than not, extroverts and introverts make great romantic partners due to balancing each other out. For example, I am an ENFP on the Myers-Briggs test and my top 2 romantic matches are some form of introvert. (My wife who I love very much just so happens to be an introvert.)
  5. We are not the majority
    Introverts actually outnumber us. The most common Myers-Briggs personality type is ISFJ, an introverted spectrum. People these days are more likely to be an introvert than they are an extrovert. We might be vocal, but we're certainly not as common as people think we are.