1. Static
    Look at this handsome mother fucker
  2. James K. Polk is an unsung goddamn American hero
  3. Polk wanted one thing out of life: to be the freakin' President of the United States
  4. After failing TWICE to be re-elected as Governor of Tennessee, he decided "fuck it I know what I'm about" and ran for President in 1844
    The darkest of dark horses!
  5. Using the street cred he'd earned as a former Speaker of the House with some help from his Democrat pals, Polk surged towards the party's nomination
  6. Important fact to know: Polk was allergic to failurr
  7. Giphy
    Pictured: Polk near failure
  8. See, Polk was a no nonsense politician. Sure, his campaign against notable senator and professional douchebag Henry Clay got kind of weird, but Polk won on a very specific platform; which was basically a 4 point plan
  9. 1) Reestablish the Independent Treasury System
    Ditched by Andrew Jackson for who knows what
  10. 2) Reduce Tarrifs
    For reference: more tariffs means more US money not staying in US. Less means more for the consumer. Usually,
  11. Acquire some or all of Oregon
    Spoiler alert: basically all
  12. Acquire California and New Mexico as territories
    Oh, and he was gonna do it all in 4 years. Polk campaigned that he would not seek reelection
  13. See, James saw two options. Either get it all done in one term or fail. There was no next time around for Polk.
  14. Giphy
    And we remember how Polk felt about losing
  15. Pork won the election and got straight to work: accomplishing everything on his list
  16. The exception being the Oregon deal, which was not finished in his presidency but the negotiations he laid out were followed to the letter; snagging what is now all of Oregon from the UK
    Oh, and he banned slavery from Oregon
  17. In addition, Polk added 3 states to the union:Texas, Iowa, and Wisconsin
    Allowed for slavery in Texas just to appease the south, 2/3 of new states without slavery is pretty good by pre-civil war standards
  18. Giphy
  19. Polk took no shit and was a master negotiator and great at pleasing each specific culture of the country
  20. When Polk's term ended, he kept his promise and did not run for reelection; knowing he did what he needed to do
  21. He died 3 months later.
  22. Static
    Polk was an incredible President. A picture of integrity, a champion for the people, a winner of negotiation, and an intense worker. We don't hail him like we should, but Polk's legacy still stands.
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