1. Let me tell you about Ninja Sex Party
  2. They're a musical comedy duo who perform songs that are sexual by nature but take them so far to the absurd that they become fresh, fun, and non-offensive
    Unless bad words and sex words bug you. They also sing songs about mythology, friendship, romance, and space travel.
  3. Lead singer: Danny Sexbang
    His whole schtick: an idiot, sexually hyperactive, Jewish "cool" guy with many flamboyant and nerdy hobbies. Typically the one who the songs are about
  4. Synth Keyboard: Ninja Brian
    Psychopathic, mute, and also a ninja. Composes all the bands music. Also, the real person playing him has a PhD in theoretical physics but decided to pursue his stupid boner band as a career instead
  5. As songwriters, they are legitimately hilarious in an absolutely stupid way and they own how outlandish and dumb their songs are
  6. But as musicians, they are also crazy talented. Danny frequently works to improve his vocals and has a ridiculous range while Brian is a classically trained pianist. Both are also seasoned veterans in the comedy scene who have studied the art of joke making for years
    If you're familiar with their YouTube let's play channel "Game Grumps" you're probably familiar
  7. I became a fan of the band in college and they've been my go to band post bad days
  8. They're irreverent, wacky, respectable, and jammy as all get out
    And I mean respectable. Women are never portrayed as just objects of sexual pleasure in their songs or videos. No lady is ever insulted for not being into Danny in a song nor are the girls who ARE into him made to seem slutty. For being a band that uses "dick" in a large chunk of their songs, they are damn classy about their portrayal of women.
  9. After making music together for years, the band finally has a following large enough where they can tour and make legit money as musicians
    In large part due to the popularity of Game Grumps
  10. I'm so proud of them and love seeing them grow as artists. They just released a new single off their new upcoming album today and I think it's their best yet
    It's called Cool Patrol. I've been playing it all day
  11. I just had a crappy day and did my usual NSP jam sesh to feel better and it dawned on me that these idiots might just be a top 10 band for me. Maybe even top 5. So thanks, guys.