The Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears have been rivals since the dawn of man. Fans of these two teams despise each other. Here's how I learned just how strong the hate truly is:
  1. I once had to go to the doctor for an infection problem. At the time, I was sporting a Packers lanyard very prominently from my pocket. As I went back into the offices, the nurse noticed it and said:
  2. "Oh man, you're a Packers fan?" "Yup! Have been since I was a kid." "That's terrible. See, I'm from Chicago." "Oh! Well, hopefully we can still be friends." "I don't knoooowww."
  3. I was thinking this was a joke. It seemed friendly enough. Most normal humans don't let things like sports rivalries ruin professional relationships without alcohol involved. As I was sitting and waiting for my doctor, I heard from outside the door
  4. "Man, this guy is a fudge packer. Do me a favor and mess him up."
  5. "Well that's funny." I thought to myself. Medical professionals should be able to do their job. The doctor came in, acted perfectly doctorly, did the procedure, and sent me on my way.
  6. Funny story: My infection got worse after that appointment to the point that I had to go see an entirely different specialist to fix the problem.
  7. The Packers/Bears rivalry is serious business
    And screw the Bears forever and ever amen