Intro: Interior. Day. A man sits alone in a car dealership

Figured I oughta do this since I'm riddled with time right now
  1. Hi! I'm Grant!
    I'm the one on the right and I'm not sure where this picture was taken but I LIKE it
  2. I'm married to the most amazing girl on the planet
    She's the one on the left in the other picture. She made me laugh with this gif on her listroduction so I'm shamelessly including it
  3. That first picture is a lie, my hair is currently in a pony tail
  4. I'm studying to be a high school theater/english teacher
    The liberalist of liberal arts
  5. Almost forgot! I'm the co-creator/writer/voice actor for The Adventures of Amphibiman and Banana Boy. A superhero themed audio drama
    The show is written and performed by myself and my 2 friends Joey Hines and Joel Ruud. It's a comedy about an Amphibious Superhero and his Banana Sidekick. We're on a brief hiatus right now, but we have big dreams for this project
  6. I also have an unhealthy obsession with US History. Particularly things that involve Presidents
    George Washington memes are the reason the internet was invented
  7. I probably have an opinion about everything
    Partly because I like to learn and partly because oh gosh please like me
  8. I LOVE NFL Football wayyy too much. My favorite team is the Green Bay Packers.
    That man with the puppet is my quaterback and I love him.
  9. I live on a diet of mexican food, sushi, and memes
    The dankest diet