Offered with little explanation or reasoning
  1. Coheed and Cambria Keywork
    GOT THIS ONE! Favorite band that's meant a lot to me over the years. Love this story they've told
  2. Matching Wife Tattoos
    My wife and I are gonna figure this shit out one day
  3. Piccaso's Flamingo
    I've developed a strange love for this goofy bird ever since going on a failed tirade to name our cities new hockey team The Flamingos
  4. Abraham Lincoln
    Fave President and kind of a personal hero. Not sure if it'd be this picture, but something like that
  5. Something to commemorate my best friend with a penis
    This is one idea; the title of his book. He's also a singer songwriter so there's lots of ammunition
  6. Cartoon Pop-Tart
    Further down the road when I stop giving a crap about meaningful tattoos
  7. Something Deserty
    Born and raised in Vegas; want to celebrate the land I love
  8. Everything Bagel
    In joke with my writing staff friends
  9. That's all my ideas for now
  10. A bee!
  11. Dia de los muertos inspired Freddy Mercury
    Not this exact tattoo but Freddy is a huge idol of mine and I love art depicting him in Mexican inspired art styles. Who Wants To Live Forever is a perfect song and line for this tattoo