What Do I Do Now That I Can't Vote for Bernie?

  1. Don't Vote Trump
    No. Listen. Shut up. You're hurt. We're all hurt. We don't want Clinton. But don't take your vote to the man Bernie spent more time bashing than Clinton. Just. Doooooont. I shouldn't need to expand on this.
  2. Vote with your brain for President
    Consider the ramifications of your vote. Pick the candidate that makes the most logical sense to keep the country moving in a progressive direction. I'm not telling you who that is for you, but again, there's 3 people running who aren't the Donald
  3. Get involved in local elections
    Listen gang, the best kept secret is the senate and congressional elections are way more important than the presidential one. Find out who is running for Senate and Congress in your states and districts. There's a fresh crop of Bernie supporters running. You want a revolution? Put the revolutionaries in a position to do good and win.