I will not tolerate backlash from my opinions, fam.
  1. Most Pokémon
    Not the ones you're thinking of. I'm talking about some Ditto on a piece of toast. I am talking about some deep fried Zubat. I am talking about some Diglet steaks.
  2. Gumby
    I would fucking devour Gumby. I can imagine what he would taste like too, he wouldn't taste like anything. I would eat him anyways though. No one can change my mind.
  3. Woodstock
    Wtf even is Woodstock? Is he a bird? Or like a fairy? It would be heavily frowned upon if I ate Woodstock. So I wouldn't.
  4. Flubber
    Not all of Flubber. Just a little bit though. Like, just a lick. I would lick Flubber.