Requested by @grantwfriesen
  1. Kidneys
    Will also probably kill me.
  2. Prostate
    This one is probs gonna kill me. But you know. Hormones are the shit.
  3. Pancreas
    In terms of bodily functions, the breaking down of sugars via enzymes and hormones is the last one I think of.
  4. Gall Bladder
    I forgot what this does. I don't care enough to look it up. Nobody tell me.
  5. Large Intestine
  6. Small Intestine
  7. Colon
  8. Rectum
  9. Esophagus
    I guess it is the least gross of the digestive organs, so, congrats! You are a tube that transports things not limited to food and liquid to a much more cool digestive organ.
  10. Spleen
    I enjoy saying the word "Spleen"
  11. Appendix
    It can burst and kill me. So, as the maybe probably most explosive organ, I admire how savage it is.
  12. Stomach
    Shoutout to the organ that I assume controls my insanely fast metabolism. Also, what a fucking savage. It has acid in it, which, is like, fire. Except it is a liquid. Chemicals. Whatever.
  13. Liver
    Ayyyy shoutout to the organ that digests the questionable and necessary amounts of medicine I ingest on a daily basis.
  14. Penis
    This is number 7 because its pretty gross organ that does even grosser things, but like. You know. It's nice to have.
  15. Lungs
    Could end up killing me. But I enjoy talking WAY too much.
  16. Brain
    Still an artist.
  17. Heart
    Once again, I am an artist.
  18. Skin
    Again. Artist.
  19. Eyes
    I am an artist, so. Yeah