Perks Of Being Severely ADHD And Heavily Medicated For It

My blood could be used as drugs. Bee tee dubs, I take 80mg of Adderall. Which is not something that is prescribed in that amount very often.
  1. You will never be have to be in the military
    Well, you can be in the military, but if there is a war you have to be able to go a year without your medicine and have your psychiatrist sign something that says you can do it before the send you overseas where there isn't medicine for you daily.
  2. I once stayed up for 4.5 days
    Because I thought someone said I couldn't. When, in reality, they said no such thing. But goddamn you could get a lot of work done
  3. You can't get high off of petty drugs, like weed
    Trust me. We tried. Besides, methamphetamine is basically just Adderall's grosser and stronger older brother.
  4. You're instantly more interesting because people want to buy your medicine
    Fuck that though, fuck you and your fucking money! I NEED this medicine! If I didn't have my medicine for a couple of days, very very bad things would happen. I don't even know what I would or could do. I don't want to know either. Just kidding, if I could not take my medicine for a while, do whatever came into my mind whenever it came into my mind and also not have any repercussions for my actions-fuck yeah I would do it. But thats not how it works so until it works like that, Fuck. Off.