Fun fact: I collect minerals and I like them Because they are so beautiful but so overlooked.
  1. Wulfenite
    This is my specimen (lucky me) and its a lead based mineral, and most of the ones on this list are, but it's crystalline habit is in rectangular "panes" so it is oh so very fragile
  2. Crocoite
    I will eventually purchase some, but until then, I just look at the pictures of this gorgeous red rock and get rock hard. Also lead based. And I don't get hard from it although, for real, goddamn.
  3. Pyromorphite
    It's lead based. Also it isn't the color you would expect. I really want some of this as well.
  4. Azurite
    I have a specimen that looks just like this. It's a rarer specimen because of it's structure. These are called "Azurite Roses" because of the rose-like pattern the crystals form in. Azurite in the past has been used as pigment for paint. It also can be found a lot of the time with the following mineral.
  5. Azurite on Malachite
    This isn't my specimen but not even joking I would suck dick to get this. Oh my god, oh my fucking god.
  6. Rhodochrosite
    This is a picture of my specimen. It's not as loud as the other minerals, but it is arguably more beautiful. The argument would be the color scheme.
  7. Purpurite
    I have a large specimen of this and it isn't always that color, it depends on the way the light gets reflected off of it.
  8. More to come as I think of them