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  1. Bored To Death
    It's a show about this guy played by Jason Schwartzman and he plays an unlicensed detective.
  2. Portlandia
    It's a weird, quirky and uncomfortable sketch show with Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney and Fred Armisen of whatever he came from...SNL
  3. Robot Chicken
    Seth Green and Matthew Seinriech play with dolls and stop-motion
  4. Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job
    No words, none can describe this level of dank. The only advice I give is that once the show starts making sense, go the fuck to sleep.
  5. Fishcenter : Live
    You guys. Have no idea. How fucking dank. This show is. It's an [adultswim] show that is a sports channel. A sports channel for fish. This is a daily show, check it the fuck out, shit gets intense #hamburger