Of many many lists to come.
  1. Plasmids
    From Bioshock. You know, the stuff that gives you the powers. The stuff that all the citizens of Rapture were addicted to. I would not end up like the gross people of Rapture, but I would definitely choose A plasmid.
  2. Slo-Mo
    The drug from Judge Dredd that they used to torture people. I, however, would use it to have some transcendentalist experiences as well as enhance sex and eating, amongst other activities. I would low key probably become addicted to it.
  3. Monocane
    The stuff that turned "The Invisible Man" invisible (and insane). Would not try it. Ever.
  4. Re-Agent
    If you have ever seen the film "Re-Animator". I don't know what I would do with the serum, but for real though, "Re-Animator" is a WEIRD movie.
  5. Soy Sauce
    That horrifying drug from "John Dies At The End". I don't know if I would try it or not because sometimes the person combusts.
  6. Fear Gas
    The stuff that Scarecrow from DC Comics uses to straight up terrify his victims with. You would trip fucking balls. It would be traumatizing and enlightening. I would do it at least once.
  7. Nitrous Oxide
    I know it's real, but, it doesn't make snails go faster like it does in "Turbo"