Trump And Others Should Fight ISIS Themselves

After all, who knows torture and fear-mongering more than the men who pride themselves on creating it?
  1. Donald Trump
    This is a man—a myth, who said to the entire world that he would fuck his daughter. Must we forget that the entire world includes his wife he fucked to conceive the daughter he wants to fuck? Remember that time Trump made ______ comments about _______ and then they and everyone else got mad?
  2. The Undead Corpse of McCarthy
    His list that he has right now with him, has all the names of every ISIS member. He is our counterintelligence branch
  3. The Undead Corpse of Bull Connor
    This man turned firehoses onto the backs of people who just wanted to be treated like they were people and committed no crimes doing so. Imagine what type of hoses he would turn onto the backs of people who wanted to be treated like living martyrs and committed crimes against war doing so
  4. I bet you we could pay the Unibomber to mail his trademark signature letterbombs to ISIS headquarters.
  5. The Undead Corpse of Dick Cheney
    Remember that time Dick Cheney shot and killed his friend? Remember that time Dick Cheney told a father and his son to go fuck themselves? Remember that time in robot chicken where Dick Cheney was Iron Man but instead of a tesseract powering his suit, it was a Simon Says game?