This was in my drafts and I assume at the time this was a good list idea but now I am just confused.
  1. These snakes come in a wooden crate that has an assortment of snakes within
    When you open the crate, there are gonna be a lot of snakes. There are going to be, like, at least twenty snakes. Some are gonna be venomous some aren't. You bought the snakes in bulk, you can figure it out.
  2. Open the crate in a closed area
    Snakes can't get out of basements, bathtubs, kiddie pools or any sort of basin.
  3. Make sure you are going to be able to evacuate yourself from that location at any possible moment
  4. Hint: Stairs
    Snakes can't use stairs 😏
  5. After you have the location of unboxing, bring the crate to there.
  6. You are going to have to very quickly decide which snakes you are keeping and which ones go back in the crate
  7. Open boxing facing TOWARDS you if you are going to sort them right after the box is opened
  8. Open box facing AWAY from you if you are unboxing and planning to sort later
  9. Regardless of the time you sort, it has to be done
  10. Open that box
  11. They will all be slithering towards you at an ungodly pace
  12. Your initial instinct will be to start smashing the fastest ones with the crowbar you used to open the crate
  14. Trust me, while that sounds like a reasonable reaction, it is not.
  15. What you should do is get on top of the crate where the snakes cannot get to you.
  16. Pick the ones you want to keep
  17. Escape
  18. Come back with a catching utensil of sorts
    Such as a net or a trap involving scandalous rubber snakes
  19. Catch the snakes you want to keep, and bring those to their cages or lack thereof
  20. Call the toll free number
  22. Answer the questions and "Bulk Snakes : A Family Company" will come pick up you excess snakes