@bjnovak you know what you should do, for our sake as well as our children's sake? You should endorse me. Just idk, relist a list I made that you find funny. We could be partners - think about it - Novak & Friesen Scented Candles. Or not even that big necessarily it could just be something as simple as giving me a shoutout.
  1. First off, check out these free compliments in the form of a "Did you know"
    Did you know that even though my dad says your character on the office is a douchebag, that I think its my dad who is the douchebag. Jk my dad is dope. But still, you can't lie about this type of stuff.
  2. Second,
    I would highly appreciate the shoutout. Just one. Just one shoutout for @grantwfriesen thats all I want.
  3. Third,
    Who knows. Maybe someday there will be another Gulf War and we will both be drafted into the same platoon.
  4. Fourth,
    Another hypothetical. What if we are actually the same person. You would be doing you and me a HUGE favor.
  5. Fifth,
    This app is so cathartic you have no idea
  6. Sixth
    Check it out. Six reasons off the bat to holla at ya boi @grantwfriesen
  7. Seventh
    What? More reasons?!? That's revolutionary. As one mogul to another, help me out here fam.
  8. Eighth
    Run for president and guess what I will do. I promise you one genuine bonafide @grantwfriesen vote for you to be president.
  9. Ninth
    Come on. All the other kids are doing it. I heard giving me a shoutout is, like, the new pot.
  10. Tenth
    Oh shit. Oh fuckking shit. The tenth reason. It would be super cool, virtually effortless and exponentially influential if you relisted a list of mine or gave me a shoutout.