Winter can suck it.
  1. Gruner Veltliner: crispy white wine from Austria. Grassy and white peppery. Awesome with spring salads.
  2. Trousseau: really light red from the Jura (super small region in France). Funky, earthy, cranberry. Drink it with a slight chill. Spring perfection, current obsession.
  3. Rosé: Yes, you can start now. Ones made from Garnacha (like from Navarro, Spain) and Syrah are a little fuller-bodied so I tend to drink these as spring to summer transitioners.
  4. Gamay: light red, the grape that goes into Beaujolais. Don't get the Nouveau style which is generally crappy. There are a few regions in that area, my fave being Fleurie. Another great light red for spring.
  5. Viognier: lovely floral aromatic white wine. Not too much acid, kind of delicate and lovely. Always picture ladies who lunch in Paris drinking this in outside cafés. No idea if they actually do.