Requested by @hillarykerr. From the title, I'm guessing people ply her with a lot of rosé from Provence which is prevalent, but light and can taste like flavored water. Try these amazing ones instead!
  1. Chene Bleu - this is probably one of the only rosés I've had that I've been like, "Wow, this is a really good wine." All the others are good and refreshing and tasty, but this one's biodynamic and funky and excellent! A little hard to find but they have it at Sherry Lehmann. ~$30
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  2. Charles & Charles - my total go to. Lots of ripe strawberry and watermelon juice. Cool graphic American flag label. And their tag line is "Yes, you can drink rosé and still be a badass." Love. $14
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  3. Chateau Pradeaux - I too hadn't had much Provençal rosé I loved so last summer this guy brought about five great ones to change my mind. This was my fave! Fleshy white peach and a hint of slate. $40 (The full lineup is here
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  4. Inman's Endless Crush. Yellow apple, just-picked strawberry, spritz of orange. Limited and sells out quickly but so good. The winemaker named it after his she felt about her husband - cute. $20
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  5. Stoller - love this one too! Strawberry and white cherry, rose petals, and good minerality. Huge crowd pleaser. Did a big rosé party and this was lots of people's favorite. $20
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  6. Any rosado from Navarro, Spain - these are usually made with Garnacha and have tons of flavor. They're always an electric pink, no idea why but really like them! Also NOT expensive. A bunch here//