Requested by @hillarykerr, who is an awesome grapefriend of the bubbly variety.
  1. Veuve Clicquot. I know @hillarykerr loves this one, and it's one of my $40-ish go-to's also. Just good solid fun.
  2. Laurent Perrier. This is like the Jan Brady to Veuve's Marcia. Same price range bust doesn't get as much love. It's slightly more lime-y which makes it fantastic with food.
  3. Domaine Carneros. Great domestic bubbles, and the entry-level regular one starts at $28. Killer bargain, and I think pretty widely distributed. The whole range is good from the rosé to the $100 Le Rêve to the Blanc de Noirs (that last one is my fave but only available at the winery).
  4. Dom Perignon. This is probably my all-time higher end fave. The bubbles are so tiny, elegant, and awesome.
  5. Perrier Jouet. Belle Époque is the green bottle with the pretty Art Deco-y flowers on it. Such a good present, like $100-125.
  6. Prosecco. Seriously almost any of the ones widely available will do - Mionetto, Zonin, even Cupcake. They're all under 15 bucks and totally and completely drinkable. Prosecco is peachier than Champagne (not sweeter, just fruitier), just as a heads up. Great for sparkling punches too.
  7. Biggest and best kept bubbly secret that you'll love me forever for: Crémant. Made the exact same way as Champagne but not made in the Champagne region so they can't call it that. In Burgundy they use the same grapes as Champagne so it's the same thing and less $: so look for Crémant du Bourgogne!