"I sip fine wine and spit vintage flows"
  1. Ace of Spades Champagne. After rapping about it for a while, he actually bought the company in November.
  2. D'Ussé cognac. This is what he poured out in his seat at the Grammys a few years ago. You're not allowed to drink on the floor of the Staples Center. But please. "D'Ussé if I do say myself"
  3. Pinot Noir in Beaune. He stopped by a little café in Burgundy, France and knocked back some grapes with the owners.
  4. Barolo - in that pic where Beyoncé is in a black hoodie sitting on his lap.
  5. Cheval Blanc - what he drank on B's 31st bday. Arguably one of the best wines in the world.