Reds are hard under $30. The trick is to have fun experimenting with lesser known grapes and regions and you can find some awesome stuff. {List requested by @dev - now you have to try one!}
  1. Masi Tupungato, Passo Doble. Malbec is a great value wine. Lots are gritty and not very good but you can find a few gems for cheap and this is one of them. This one's $14. (A few more here//
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  2. Elena Walch Lagrein. Lagrein is usually super heavy and inky but this producer adds such an elegant light touch to it. $16
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  3. Badoz Trousseau. Get on the Trousseau train, stat. It's from the Jura, it's light and funky, and this one's $25.
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  4. Gamay - This is the grape in Beaujolais. Skip the "Nouveau" ones and get the good stuff. Clos de Roilette from the Fleurie area is great earthy blackberry. $18
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  5. Poivre et Sel Pineau d'Aunis - blueberry, cranberry, earthy. Drink with a little chill. $24
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  6. Chateau de Segries Lirac. It's a Grenache Syrah Mourvedre blend from the area next to the more famous and more expensive Chateauneuf du Pape. Not as mind blowing , but great values. $18
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  7. Galea Schiava. If you haven't had this light funky earthy red with a massive plate of thinly cut speck, you are not the person you're meant to be yet. $20
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  8. Meyer Syrah. This one's from Mendocino, a cool region in northern CA you should know about. Some good stuff coming out of here. $28
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  9. Hedges CMS blend, $11. If you want to go traditional with Cab and Merlot, Washington state has really good values and Hedges is a great producer there.
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  10. Cotes du Rhone. Sommeliers love recommending this as a really dependable and affordable red. Usually my go to on a By The Glass list because it won't be too horrible. Try Perrin, $11.
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