Because it's fun to compare people to alcohol.
  1. Don: Scotch. On the show he actually drinks a lot of Canadian whisky and Old Fashioned cocktails (which use bourbon) but he's actually most like Scotch. Very complex, ranging from bold and stalwart and utterly masculine to softer and lighter moments with Sally, Peggy, and Joan.
  2. Joan: Bourbon. All caramel and vanilla, the sweet flavors make it quite voluptuous, like our favorite ladder-climbing secretary turned partner. And she's the sweetest one at the agency.
  3. Betty: Rye. This can be rather gruff, dry, & sometimes spicy. It's had a revival lately as people have been using it in cocktails - a great balance to sweet ingredients. The clear choice for Betty, who barley shows human compassion even towards her own kids. She's harsh & the least sweet character.
  4. Peggy: Canadian. Said to be the lightest whisky due to its high corn-base content. Usually thought of as sort of one-dimensional, there are definitely some good ones out there. Similarly, many people didn't think Peggy had it in her but she's clearly proved them wrong.
  5. Roger: Irish. There aren't many legal rules for Irish whiskey. It ranges in style just like scotch, but can be a little all over the place. Some are pretty light, which is how Roger likes to keep things. He's also the loosest, accepting his hippie daughter and taking LSD.
  6. Pete: Japanese. Modeled after scotch, but they sometimes use a unique oak called mizunara that gives a floral quality to some of them. Huge, huge fan of these! The most delicate, Pete is always the most persnickety and sensitive. Still got love for the dude though.