This winter won't end!!! Grab these grapes and warm the hell up.
  1. Cabernet. This is like the quintessential winter wine. Because you're gonna have a lot of steak.
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  2. Malbec. Perfection with grilled meats of all kinds. And empanadas.
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  3. Syrah. And go for the gold with Hermitage. Because in winter you're a hermit anyway.
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  4. Zinfandel. It's big. It's bold. It's great with BBQ!
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  5. Cab blends. Cabernet Sauvignon often needs another grape to balance out its structure and tannins. Enter Cab Franc. See how well this one pairs with a shit ton of snow?
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  6. Champagne. Bubbles go with EVERY season. And snow is a natural refrigerator.
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  7. Whiskey. For when all else fails.
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