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  1. put Just Breathe by pearl jam on repeat
  2. turned all the lights off in my car
  3. stared at the incredibly bright Big Dipper
  4. shed quiet, happy, grateful tears!!
Sometimes when feeling especially unappealing, it helps to remind yourself of times where you've felt beautiful and infinite.
  1. holding a bouquet of flowers
  2. when I am in a naturally occurring body of water (esp under a waterfall)
  3. cutting fruit
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  1. those CD's "Now! That's what I call music", I made it "Now! that's what SHE calls music" and made a big point of it. I laughed so hard
  2. Stayin- in- bed- stuy! the new name for bed stuy
    consequently someone might just be saying "yea I'm staying in bed stuy this weekend" but high me will hear a funny play on the name of the neighborhood . I also was pretty good for this one
  3. I smoked drugs
  1. black lives matter.
  1. this cat that rubbed up against me one time
  2. tiny pug that sat in my lap
  3. My own animal baby
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  1. wise old ladies
  2. the Jefferson Market Library
  3. the Jefferson Market Library's INCREDIBLE garden
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  1. every day
  2. any time of day
  3. during any mood
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  1. Leonard Cohen music
    really hated him as a child- really understand him now.
  2. the importance of lotion
    some of my earliest memories take place after a bath, when my mom would slather me with a thick layer of Nivea (the old kind, housed in a tub not a bottle). having to wait an hour for this to dry was always the WORST, but now I preach the importance of moisturizing to everyone I know so you win, mom
  3. learning how to properly address an envelope
    me as a child: ILL NEVER NEED TO DO THIS
  4. being polite
    obviously as a little turd of a child I never wanted to speak to old people, or anyone deemed not worth my precious baby time, but my mom is polite to EVERYONE. her first impressions are always stellar. I like to think it rubbed off on me
  1. knees and lots of em!
  2. try incorporating some elbows
    the elbows are very underutilized parts of the body when it come to sexy dancing. try using them- you may be pleasantly surprised.
  3. the mouth is everything.
    subtlety is overrated- go all out with the sexy mouth movements. do what feels natural, a good tongue goes a looooong way.
  4. Jazz hands
    self explanatory in their sex appeal.
  1. baby hands
  2. happy crying
  3. the way dogs look up at their owners when they stop walking for a minute
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