1. babies tripping
    ok this sounds sadistic but NOT a serious fall- just when babies do a little trip thing and fall and they're not hurt or anything but it's just cute and uncoordinated and funny.
  2. the L word
    amazing drama about the lives of lesbian ladies. don't gotta be gay to appreciate some steamy same sex romance!
  3. real housewives of ANYTHING
    after 2 hours your brain begins to melt but until that point it's pure, shallow, pleasure. white wine, fake nails, and WAY too much free time makes for A+ television!
  4. feeding squirrels
    people think it's disgusting to get near the squirrels in the park but this time of year they are so chubby and desperate for food!!
  5. videos of earwax removal
    ok how do some people let their earwax build up SO MUCH?!?! I want to be the person who gets to pull it out and liberate their eardrums.