briefly stated for your consideration:
  1. The dog knew I was just lolling around. I think she can smell when I'm awake, and has a damn-near come-apart, complete with whining and pacing, until I come into the living room.
  2. Gotta pee like Sea Biscuit/ poop like a goose.
  3. I can smell breakfast. There is bacon involved.
  4. Wake and bake and back to sleep.
  5. I need a frosted donut with seasonally-colored sprinkles from the donut place 15 miles from my house. Yes, I will drive 45 min round trip for a pastry. These donuts are fantastic.
  6. Terrible dream where all my teeth fell out because my retainer from 7th grade had to be pried out. Upon waking, check all teeth and gums and make sure my retainer is in the medicine chest even though I haven't worn it in 25 years.
  7. Damn cats are playing with some ephemera they found under the bed.