My grandma sent me a card and money for Christmas/graduation
  1. I open the card
    Everything's going fine
  2. Oh hey there's money here this is great
    No problems could be had here
  3. My mom goes she sent you money
    A simple question right I answer yes
  4. Why didn't she tell me she sent you money she said it was just a card
  5. "She thinks I'm going to steal it"
  6. "Like I'm just known for talking your money"
    Well actually
  7. How much did she give you
    Here we go
  8. "Funny she didn't give me anything"
  9. "No gives me anything"
    "Looks over at the gifts for her"
  10. She proceeds to stomp around all day
  11. Merry Christmas everybody
  12. Sometimes I forget that her childhood was kinda nonexistent which is why she does this
    I might be the asshole guy idk
  13. I'm about to get yelled at by our neighbors for something my mom and sister did
    The fun never stops