A PSA of what not to say, when someone tells you they're crazy

Generally this list is for cis men but really for anyone it's for anyone that says not great things. Also normally I don't like using the word crazy because it's used negatively a lot but you know umbrellas
  1. There's nothing wrong with you
    Like there is that's why I wanted to talk to you about it but thanks for telling me it's nothing I'll be fine now. I kinda see where people are coming from with this but it's not the right choice of words
  2. You're a good person though
    Didn't say I was bad, ok maybe I did but it's beside the point having any kind of mental problem wouldn't make me a bad person
  3. You're just a wild stallion
    What litterly what
  4. It's cute though
    It's absolutely not cute don't romanticize this. Every Time a woman has any problem it's never taken seriously. This is no different it happens all the time in shows in movies, and books . There is nothing beautiful about having a disease. Maybe other parts of that person are great wonderful I'm not saying they can't be great but don't say that a disease makes someone beautiful.
  5. You just need to be tamed
    That went along with the stallion comment, to which I still say what?
  6. It makes you special
    If I hadn't said problematic things yeah maybe this would be ok but I deff did. Like you can't just hear someone say hm think I'll scoop my eyeball out(which I didn't say in any way) and be like yeah but that makes you special you're so quirky.
  7. There's probably a lot of other things you shouldn't say but those were just the ones I could think of
  8. Because they were just said