I've noticed recently that I'm really controlling without trying to be and its pretty problematic so I should probs address it somehow
  1. It's not in a way that's super noticeable
  2. But whenever I form a relationship with someone I get really invested into any problems they might have
  3. Then I slowly start doing things for them
  4. Slowly but surly I'm doing a lot for them not everything but close to it
  5. I become their "best friend"
    Looking back on it I've barely had any friends in the past that wasn't my "best friend" when we were in a relationship
  6. It doesn't feel like I'm disconnecting them from other people but I must be because they never have other friends
    I mean I like to be alone and prefer close friendships to large groups so I probably encourage it
  7. Then I start wanting to know everything
    It's masked as concern about the person and part of it is but it's also just me always wanting to know where I stand
  8. I'm painfully passively nice
    Till I'm not
  9. Everything is visibly great till I notice they want to be around other people which is normal
    It should be
  10. But it always just feels like I'm not good enough
  11. I start to think how could the do this with everything I've done for them
    That didn't ask for (Paula song)
  12. I think that I always think to myself if I do everything for this person and they think they need me everything will be great and they won't leave
  13. But that's not true
  14. I have to start remembering that and attempting to stop because it's not behavior that I'm ok with
  15. I have boundary issues when I'm stressed