Why self?
  1. I drank an energy drink like an hour ago
    I just wanted the juice! I am anxious and panicking I was calm(ish) before why
  2. Attempt to talk to the guy that I like
    I still can't tell if he's a dick or not and he ignores me at random times. What I said to him deff Wasn't the right thing to say looking back why did I realize that 12 hours later you ask?
  3. Why did I say yes to this graduation dinner with my family
    They made me change the place we aren't there yet and my moms already complaining woo, maybe it won't be so bad "stares at myself"
  4. Why do I say any words to anyone
  5. Graduate
    Don't get me wrong I'm glad I did it but being home with my mom is quite w miserable experience and it's making me want to lay under cars. When will someone hire me so I can escape from this hell hole
  6. Try to do anything helpful for myself
    I always end up way worse then I started off
  7. Agree to go somewhere today 😖
    I really wanted to see one of my friends today because we rarely get the chance to see each other but I'm in so much pain and I'm like half sedated from all of these pain meds. Maybe I can power through I think I'm feeling regrets
  8. Why did I order medium rare steak at a cheap restaurant
    I love cheap restaurants and being cheap! So I don't mean why did I go I mean why did I order that, it wasn't a good choice. Hello sickness
  9. Why did I take my medicine
    Like the answer is pain but I think I just sat on the stairs for an hour and I was like wait why am I here
  10. I'm so confused by my entire life
  11. Why am I like this
  12. Not drink my sleep tea
    I haven't slept in three days but I felt so tired yesterday and nothing. I'm deff making it tonight
  13. Not read the label on that throat spray
    I often don't read the labels(I know) I've just been spraying it and going about my day but apparently I was supposed to spit it out after 15 seconds like errrr whoops