Fictional Characters I Strongly Identify With

  1. Everyone didn't think I was a boy at first when they met me but I have been known to be rude without meaning to before because I can be blunt, I'm afraid of thunderstorms and I am was a very poor kid with Super rich friends
  2. Like every character? Just every single one.
  3. People always think I'm funny but if you look. Close enough I'm actually just kinda sad and being honest with a jolly smile
  4. I was sadly just like that as a teenager and I understand why she just says wow all the time.
  5. I will probably add more as I think of more things I always say it's everyone 🤔
  6. Both blind both of us don't have a clear grasp on human emotions
  7. People deff don't think I have emotions I'm just super monotoned guys
  8. Who shall I be next