First off I'm always sick on holidays like without fail two out of three major holidays I will be sick I was also sick on thanksgiving so I might have New Years off this time I'm also depressed during the sickness so yay? Anyway as I think stuff I'm gonna try to counter it on here
  1. So I had a dream(I won't put the whole dream on here) but the dream basically summed up to you have no friends.
    The dream wasn't all the way wrong but like I have some friends
  2. Point one brings me to point two, the friends I do have don't actually care about me.
    To be real with myself a lot of my friends are flakes which doesn't mean they don't care? Errr not a strong point also I guess just cause someone happens to need something doesn't mean they don't also talk to you when they don't need something
  3. I am very hot
    I can counter just I am just on fire
  4. I am blowing everything out of proportion like everything
    This is just true so I have to keep it in mind like even if someone sneezes 20 miles away I'm like ME THEY SNEEZED ON ME ON PURPOSE
  5. I was about to write that the plague might be gone but I started coughing
  6. I think I'm not as sick! But I just made myself get mad at everyone
    Holidays are stressful so it's probably that but everyone can kinda suck it honestly
  7. So still plagued but today wasn't terrible!
  8. I got stress stuff from bath and body works and I got kingdom hearts pre ordered!
    This is a huge deal for me I've been waiting for a new game to come out for a billion years
  9. Also I cooked chicken and it was actually good!
    My family was really shocked that it was good which ok guys. But it was my first time for real cooking
  10. Also My nephews also liked the gifts I got them!
  11. Welp
  12. I'm legit still sick
    Every time I'm like I'll go to a doctor it seems to get better then by the next day it's like ha we tricked your chump ass
  13. When
  14. Will
  15. I
  16. Die
  17. Somehow I'm not only sick still I also managed to mess up my shoulder
    As well as horrible panic attacks and lots of pain like I can barley even talk to anyone without freaking out
  18. Like plague the holidays are over
  19. I went to see a doctor!
    I got antibiotics and they said I was really dehydrated and like many other things but hopefully the plague will be over soon
  20. I think I might be cursed
  21. It's been two weeks two weeks since I was sick
    Hello tears it's been a while it's delightful to see you again
  22. And my second interview is supposed to be this week
    Can't I just not be sickly worthless garbage for once like just one time
  23. I finally stopped throwing up but I feel real gross and my mom got real annoyed that I was being sick to loudly lmao
    She said "I'm not going to get any sleep tonight" like my bad