So I'm negative on here a lot but here's something that's not
  1. I graduate college in two weeks!
  2. I kinda can't believe it's happening
  3. I'm like actually excited about it
    I wasn't a great student in high school but I've actually done really well and I'm graduating with honors
  4. I've been applying to grad schools and jobs which is scary but also exciting
    Because I'm like will I get in! But it's just bringing me that Much closer to being able to do what I want in life
  5. I've met a lot of great people in college
  6. They actually seem to like me
    Even though I need almost constant reassurance that they like for real like me. They've been kinda great
  7. The people at my job got this book and a really nice card and I almost cried
    But I held it in cause I conceal not feel
  8. They did a toast for me to and it was really nice
    I almost cried again I'll miss them but I'm going to visit like a lot
  9. Static
  10. Guys I'm actually graduating like how did I do this