Guys I'm like 100% playing myself like I'm aware and yet
  1. You ever have someone give you like so much attention to wear it's quite clear the like you
    Like from the jump very flirty very touchy
  2. It's like a slow build up of constant you're greats
  3. Everything is going good you like this person
    And I'm like always suspect
  4. Then they stop
    Out of nowhere
  5. You're like what did I do
    Was I rude ?mean? weird? A combo
  6. But then the next day it's back to normal
  7. Then the next day....
  8. Nothing
  9. So you're like what can I do to get this persons attention
  10. And for some reason the answer is be a lunatic
  11. Every action is basically hey remember me that person you thought was great like
  12. Then as you slowly pull yourself out of their mail box and remove the socks that you took out of their dryer from your hands
  13. You realize you look a little foolish
  14. And as the sirens sound you realize errrr maybe I realized this to late
    Like I could've chilled out a bit back there
  15. And as you sit in your jail cell
  16. That's when you truly realize
  17. You played yourself