Is That Kinda Day Again

So my sisters getting started
  1. She told me I needed to brush my hair more
    I'm 23 years old
  2. I said I liked it like this she started murmuring
  3. Now she just said I'm getting on her nerves
  4. What will happen next you might ask the second part to our story
  5. She will probably say why don't you care about your appearance you have to it's important
  6. She will perhaps call me lazy tell me to grow up
  7. Call our mother to tell her I'm terrible and encourage her to tell me that she thinks I'm terrible as well
  8. Then later she will probably ask why my self esteem is low and why I don't like how I look
  9. Will these things happen
  10. Probably
  11. They always do
  12. To find out tune in
  13. Next time on
  14. I live in a hell hole
  15. Brought to you by the fiery pits of hell