Idk why things that are so small feel complicated sometimes
  1. I made plans to go thrift shopping with one of my friends today
  2. And now I don't feel like going
  3. I even planned the whole thing
  4. But now I don't feel like doing anything
  5. If I don't go I'll regret it and complain that no one wants to do anything with me
  6. But I'm so tired and I would feel bad if I cancel
  7. Also like I finally have a window where I'm not in a lot of pain
  8. I just need to suck it up
  9. Cause I'll probably have fun
  10. But I've also noticed every time I open my mouth something sad or uncomfortable comes out
  11. So this is part of the reason I don't want to be a drag to hang around
  12. Sigh
  13. Anyway though I'm sure I'll have fun who doesn't like thrift shopping right?