My mom asked what my problem is

Like hmm I wonder
  1. I keep having to deal with all her shit
  2. Her shit being
  3. Hearing her complain about watching my nephews
  4. Watching my nephews so she stops complaining
    She doesn't
  5. Her being irresponsible all the fucking time which means I have to buy everything
  6. Her pretending I buy nothing
  7. All of the lying
  8. And besides my mom
  9. The fact that all of my "friends" decided to stop talking to me at the same time
  10. I'm angry all the time
  11. I can't even go to my own appointment to see a psychologist because I keep having to babysit and I got a new job so
    No time for that
  12. I keep thinking about shoving of glass through my leg
    But keep smiling cause like currently baby sitting
  13. So like all these things they might be my problem