Random Thoughts & Questions

  1. Do doctors only question the health of people that are overweight
    I went to the doctor today and she asked me about diet and exercise(I am about 15 pounds over weight) and when I said I exercised she did not believe me. I find this funny because when I was anorexic no one questioned whether I was in poor health. They assumed I exercised and was healthy even though I was under weight no questions were asked I'm way healthier now then I was then does anyone else notice these trends?
  2. Will I ever sleep through a whole night again
    I need to pick up some melatonin
  3. Why do people assume it's ok to make jokes about mental illness
    Same Doctor as above, asked what I wanted to do I said I was going to grad school for psychology and she went ha, so you'll be working with crazy people. Like if you know that's a career field that I'm going into why would I find that funny?
  4. What does the fox say
    Like for real
  5. Why isn't there an app for people to rub lotion on your back
    I am not flexible
  6. Why does my entire self image change if I think someone is even halfway insulting me
  7. Am I going to cry today?
    Yeah probably
  8. Why didn't I watch this is us sooner
  9. I just want to conduct research, be happy, and wear cute makeup
    I feel like that's not asking to much from life
  10. Did this motherfucker
  11. Just message me
  12. At 11pm
  13. About dick sizes
  14. w h y
  15. How did we let trump become president
  16. Someone tell me I can make it one more week without throwing myself from a window