1. My interview went really well and I was hoping today would be a good day
  2. But my mom had other plans
  3. I want it not only because it's something I want to do
  4. But I have to get out of this hell hole
  5. I can not do it any more
  6. Seeing her watch my nephew is giving me flashbacks
  7. And you know what I'm going to tell my sister it's not working out
    Because it's not and its for the best(for everyone if she stops watching him)
  8. Because she over reacts
  9. And she's mean
  10. And she's frantic and dramatic and I can not be around this anymore but I don't want anyone else to be either
  11. I wanted today to be a good day
  12. But I clearly will not have a good day if I continue being here all the time
  13. Somewhere earth 2 me is having a great time with her two dogs and is living it up right now and I am very happy for my other self
  14. Just got called selfish because I'm actively trying to make sure I get a job wonderful