Some of these aren't from the movie probably just from me internalizing
  1. Everyone has something going on
    Which I mean yes I knew this
  2. You shouldn't drag people along the ride when dealing with your bullshit roller coaster
    Because yeah people are supposed to be supportive when you care but you can't ask to much of people cause we're all human
  3. You can't expect everyone to save you
    And you can't blame them for that
  4. You can't use love as excuse for someone to save you
    Because that's not what love and it's not fair
  5. Things are always going to be unequal but that doesn't mean less than
    Just because someone's cares more doesn't mean it's an unbalanced relationship caring more is a trait of that person
  6. You can't ignore your life falling apart
  7. You have to take care of yourself