Oh god like everything??
  1. People thinking 50 shades of grey is a good movie
    Like it was porn and they couldn't even show the porn in theaters which basically meant it as just half assed twilight. People payed to see this movie
  2. My mom watching paternity court
    The show is sadly what it sounds like
  3. Never being able to eat that sweetart chewy in 7th grade because Corey brummlsmith stole it from me
    I will never forgive you Corey you're out there somewhere and just know one day I shall steal your candy
  4. About how many video games are coming out when I'm broke
    Like when I wasn't broke there were none coming out but now?? Why
  5. How I don't get the appeal of la la land?
    Guys someone explain to me why it was so amazing? I'm not even saying it was bad but why is it amazing??
  6. Why is the live action of beauty and the beast before the live action of the little mermaid
    I didn't care for belle
  7. Politics
    Isn't everyone right now like Jesus
  8. I'm sure I will think of more stuff cause I rant about everything
  9. The fact that my mom still uses words like homosexual and fornicate
    But she won't stop its like she was born in the 1800s
  10. The fact that there should be some type of unsend system
    Like if the person hasn't read it yet then I should be able to recall my message (I make a lot of mistakes)
  11. How they did baby Chris Rock on the walking dead so wrong
    I just tried to watch it again and I got to that part and u may quit again
  12. How I don't understand why my family thinks they're better then everyone like all the time
    So I'm spending the night at a friends house and my sister goes you aren't scared? Do they have rats. And I'm like ok you have a great job now but let's not forget I didn't even had a bed till I was like a 10. Also this giant house had a mouse so my response was what we have rats. They think I'm always just trying bring them down but like they need to get a grip.