1. Why did I take this class
  2. Everyone in here is a genius
  3. What are they talking about
    Really what are they talking about how do you know this
  4. That snail looks like it can sting something...
    I said that out loud Edward agreed
  5. I want to kiss Edward on the mouth
  6. Do I only want to kiss Edward because he is Australian?
    The answer is yes
  7. I got like real close to Edwards face while I was thinking that
  8. Could I kiss him on the mouth?
    Like I could say it was in the name of science
  9. Has he noticed I've been staring at his mouth
    He did
  10. Is my substantia nigra having some problems right now?
    It was indeed
  11. His name is Edward I shall call him Edward scissor hands.
    In my head. Hopefully
  12. What is the teacher talking about Ive been staring at this guy for 30 minutes.
    I hope this guy doesn't have this app. If you see this Edward it's not you it's another Edward.