Roller skating
  1. Proper yoga
    I know how to do some but like its very half assed
  2. Outwardly expressing emotion
    I'm pretty much a board even when I'm excited
  3. Properly using public transportation
    I half ass this like I half ass yoga
  4. Going to therapy without quitting
  5. Make one of those flaming drinks
  6. Taking the street car!
    I know I said public transportation but I really need to figure out how this street car works since it's so close to my school
  7. Relaxing
    Cause what is that.
  8. Belly dancing
    I've always wanted to learn this but I never have time so hopefully I'll set the time aside to do this one day.
  9. Write a play
    This is far fetched I know but I've always wanted to do it, that and books but the play is what comes currently.
  10. Take it easy