Like really I am wondering if I know what it is
  1. If Anyone would like to say what they think it is feel free
    I'm kinda just pondering I might put down things as I maybe realize it.
  2. I think I know what it's not
  3. It's not someone laughing at you and saying "obviously"when you say you're unlucky
  4. But it can be someone congratulating you on achieving something
    Don't mind me and my motions
  5. Doing something because it will help someone else not because it's expected of you
    Like you know how people ask how you're doing but they don't really want to know. It's just like a polite thing. So you say fine. But then sometimes they keep asking Like no really how are you. Like this feels like something that could be kind
  6. The motion is still happening
    Someone else from my job is giving me a card
  7. People have been really nice today! Both like in my life and people commenting on here and it's been great! But I'm realizing that while it's great for some reason it makes me uncomfortable
    More so the people in person then on here
  8. Which isn't to say that the friends I have now aren't nice to me I have actually made a few great friends that are really great to me! Which I'm always shocked by
    But like I still sometimes pick very problematic people and while it's better overall I deff still do it so maybe if I keep track of it I'll stop doing that.
  9. Telling someone that you can always call them if you need anything
    When they mean it!
  10. Noticing when someone is very Unnerved and saying something about it
    Like In a helpful way! Most of my coworkers have been like yay you're graduating hoozah! But one of them definitely saw the fear in my eyes and asked if i was going to be ok and appreciate that cause like while I'm excited! Like I am I am also questioning everything in my life as I often do when I reach the end of something.