Might be too many pictures? One of my favorite things to do is go through the photos on my phone. It helps me debrief my life a bit.
  1. Doing what I love
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  2. All things change.
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  3. Working with kids is the best.
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  4. There aren't too many things better than watching someone get absorbed in a project and finding a passion.
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  5. Family is a forever kind of thing.
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  6. Mom: Strongest, most selfless human I know.
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  7. Couple of jabronis
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  8. There's always a few friends that will always be your best friends no matter the time or distance apart.
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  9. Good times are often gone before you know it--Boise State game 2010. OG crew
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  10. My escape
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  11. I've been blessed to have this wonderful person in my life
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  12. Good times are often gone before you know it- old weightlifting buddies
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  13. Fire is an unforgiving mistress. But some of the best times and people I've come across
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  14. Dodge fire
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  15. Valley Road Fire
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  16. Dodge fire...wake your ass up! 5:30 wake up call
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